Attorney General Andy Beshear discusses key issues in Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --- Attorney General and candidate for governor, Andy Beshear was in Bowling Green Friday to discuss some key issues affecting our state specifically the medical marijuana bill, the opioid crisis and the teacher "sick-outs."

He says it's time to let the people of Kentucky vote on the medical marijuana bill.

"People who are trying to get relief who are suffering have been given an incredibly dangerous substance that has caused more harm than it has ever done good. I believe that we could institute medicinal marijuana responsibly and that's what I would be committed to doing," Beshear said. "But I'll admit to ya, I'll vote for it. And I don't say that lightly. I am the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, but I've seen this opioid epidemic. I have seen the devastation that has caused and I don't think opioids work for long-term pain.'

He says the opioid crisis is probably our single greatest challenge in Kentucky.

"We lose 30 Kentuckians a week to a fatal overdose. Those are our friends, our family members, two of my neighbors, people who are never coming back," he said. "And I've become the most aggressive attorney general in this country at suing opioid manufacturers and distributors. They have made hundreds of billions of dollars while our people have died and so I am committed to holding them accountable and responsible."

He says when our legislature looks to make changes to public education, our teachers should be right there, helping make those decisions.

"Everybody wants school to be on at any given day, but what we also have to understand is right now this is a battle for the very future of public education and it's funding and time and time again our education community, our superintendents, our teachers they're not even asked to the table," said Beshear.

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