Aviation Heritage Park aims to open museum on park grounds

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Aviation Heritage Park has big plans ahead, now aiming toward opening a Museum to honor some South Central Kentucky veterans.

The park already features retired military aircraft, but the board members at AHP have turned their focus toward featuring artifacts and maybe some other war birds as well.

An open area at Basil Griffin Park currently sits empty, but if all goes to plan, it will boast a 12,000-square-foot Museum.

"The addition of the museum will be beneficial in a number of ways," said President Joe Tinius. "It will allow us to display additional artifacts associated with all the aircraft that we currently have, it allows us to continue to grow, and to continue to recognize those who so duly deserve that recognition."

Although plans have been on the table for years, it was a $150,000 grant from the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau that got the plans really moving.

"The opportunity to apply for that tourism grant back in October is what really accelerated the conversation about moving forward with the construction," added Tinius.

The Musuem would feature artifacts and other items that help tell the story of South Central Kentucky veterans.

"Every time we're able to secure another aircraft to tell another story, it's a special feeling for all of us who are on the board of directors," explained Tinius. "I think anytime we can do things to recognize our veterans, whether they're aviators or serve in any branch of the military, we have a real obligation to do do that."

As for the timeline they have in mind, Tinius thew it out there:

"If everything goes as we hope, sometime later this year, we'll begin to break ground and start construction of the museum."

The board members at Aviation Heritage Park will be rolling out a fundraising and construction plan soon.

The park is already accepting donations, which you can do by calling them at 270-421-4885, or visiting aviationheritagepark.com. They are attempting to meet a $2 million goal.

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