Aviation Heritage Park moves mobile maitenance shelter

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- After weeks of planning, Friday morning Aviation Heritage Park was able to move their mobile maintenance shelter over the T33 airplane.

The Park said some of the paint was beginning to chip off the planes after repeated exposure to the elements.

Aviation Heritage Park said they owed it to the public to keep the planes, and the stories they portrayed, in top condition.

"Rather than taking the airplanes back to the airport and trying to restore them there and refurbish them, what we're going to do is set this structure over each one of the aircraft one at a time and repaint them," said Gerald Roark, the Chairman for the Restoration Committee at Aviation Heritage Park.

The shelter weighed 9,300 lbs., and when Western Crane Service heard about what Aviation Heritage Park was doing, they offered their services free of charge.

The park said they hoped to get started on the T33's upkeep in the coming weeks.

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