Aviation Heritage Parks begins restoring their Huey Helicopter

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Aviation Heritage Park first picked up their Huey Helicopter back in May.

Now they're taking their first steps toward its restoration.

Southern Kentucky Blasting began stripping down the helicopter today in order to prepare the aircraft for the restoration process.

Jerry Roark is on the AHP Board of Directors, and says the community has shown interest in this helicopter more than any other aircraft.

"There's been a big out pour in people who want to help us. We've got on our website a timeline that we try to let everyone know when we're doing something, how progress is going, and when they can come back and take a look at it," Roark says.

Southern Kentucky Blasting says today's task would have been about a $3,000 job, but was done free of charge for Aviation Heritage Park.

The park plans to have the Huey restored in time to be unveiled at its annual Hangar Party in June.

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