BEHIND THE SCENES: Hot Rods Prepare for Opening Day

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- When you think spring, a few things come to mind; warmer days, rain and of course, baseball.

Many people are hard at work, beyond the last out of the season.

"Everything from dewinterizing and painting, polishing the seats, power washing, all the way down to the equipment being shipped up from spring training for all the players," Hot Rods General Manager, Eric Leach said.

"We're repainting our dugouts, we just got done repainting all ten of our suites. We're also doing small paintings in the clubhouse," Director of Stadium Operations, Wallace Brown said.

Don't forget the work on the field.

"We want to keep everything as consistent as possible, with the infield dirt moisture consistency. It keeps everything level and it mitigates our ground staff from having to do extensive work during the game," Brown added.

This is the Hot Rods' second season with their new look.

"They love the color combination. Number two thing, is that it's just a little more sophisticated. A lot of business people like it because they enjoy the clean, the cleanliness of the logo," Leach said.

Players flew in on Sunday and hit the ground running.

"Then Monday they have every minute of their day pretty much allotted for media. Tuesday, is photos and detail organization for every day leading up to opening day," Leach said.

"From there, routine kicks in. We have our first two games at home, then the players hit the road and then they come back," Leach added.

The team this year has great prospects that all fans can look forward to watching.

:"From what Tampa tells me we're going to have a really good team to start off the season. More prospects than really what we had last year on our roster," Leach said.

The team's front office says they're excited about what lies ahead this season.

"Entertainment wise, there's so much new going on at the ballpark. From 15 firework shows, to the brand new hang out area. All the way to Margaritaville night," Leach said.

Their goal is for the fans to have fun, while watching the game.

"But you're having conversations, you're engaged with friends. You're watching the entertainment. It's a complete package of everything that's going on," Leach said.

Grounds crew says they do everything for their crowd

"It feels very rewarding when they walk in and just see everything, from the first reaction up until the last out," Brown added.

"if people leave the game and they don't know the score, then we've done our job," Leach said.

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