BGFD K9 wins ATF 2019 Top Dog

BGFD K9 Millie
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BOSTON, Mass (WBKO) -- Bowling Green Fire Department K9, Millie and her handler, Captain Michael Cornwell, attended the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) annual recertification last week in Boston, MA. This mandatory recertification is a requirement for each ATF Accelerant Detection Canine Team.

Along with the recertification process, the ATF does a competition between each of the canine teams that they call “Top Dog”. This year, approximately 50 ATF canine teams from across the country attended.

The competition consists of locating different accelerant odors on items such as clothing, shoes, and carpet. These items are searched without the canine or handler knowing the location of the accelerant and each team is judged on accuracy.

We’re thrilled to say that the 2019 Top Dog was awarded to our own K9 Millie and Handler Cornwell.

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