BGFD: Possible water rescue appears to be runaway boat

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Several emergency crews responded to a possible water rescue in Bowling Green Wednesday afternoon after receiving a call of a jon boat on the water with no one inside.

According to the Bowling Green Fire Department, after crews arrived on the scene below the River Street bridge and walking bridge. First responders deployed their own boats in the water.

Officials say they believe this was a runaway boat. The boat had a string attached to it, which officials say likely got detached and the boat floated down stream.

Originally crews responded to this as a possible water rescue because there was a life jacket floating nearby, but they do not believe there are any victims.

"We did ask several people who were in the area if they had seen anything and no one had seen anyone around the boat," said Marlee Boenig, Bowling Green Fire Department. "No one had actually witnessed the boat with anyone in it, so we really couldn't find anything that would corroborate that we would have victims."

They will continue to survey and area and have a drone flying above the water but at this time they do not believe any victims are involved.

"We just had a lot of cooperation from a lot of agencies which is what we always do together, but it's just always nice to have that cooperation and be able to work together to make sure everyone is safe," said Boenig.

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