BGFD recruits practice real-world scenarios as training continues

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- There's only a few weeks left for the recruits at the Bowling Green Fire Department before they graduate and officially become members of the department.

"The quality of training here that we get, that's probably my favorite part," says Alan Bush, one of the recruits.

On Wednesday, the ten recruits took turns as they practiced real-world situations fighting fires. They'll use what they've learned from training to know how to respond to real calls in the future.

The training center has a facility set up out back, where recruits can practice several things, including breaking down doors, setting up ladders, entering buildings, carrying dummy victims to safety, and of course, putting out fires.

"It's challenging physically and mentally," says Shathan McCoy, another recruit.

But soon, these challenges won't just be for training. These men will become part of a crew at the Bowling Green Fire Department.

"I wanted to be a firefighter because I wanted to be in a position where I could serve my community," says Bush.

The recruits are now in week eight of the 12 week program, which includes training in the classroom and in the field. During the training, they not only get to work with each other, but they also get to spend time with crews already in the department.

"Getting to know some of the more senior firefighters and the officers, and hearing their stories and getting their experience really helps with our training. It really helps with the process," adds Bush.

As graduation day gets closer, the excitement for the big day continues to grow.

"I've applied to the department a few times and I was fortunate to get it this year and I'm looking forward to serving 25 years in my hometown," says McCoy.

Graduation day is set for March 29.

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