"BRIGHT Coalition" hosts third annual Road Map to a Healthy Workplace

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- An organization in Bowling Green is attempting to promote a healthy workplace.

BRIGHT Coalition's third annual "Road Map to a Healthy Workplace Summit" took place on Wednesday and Thursday. The event was an opportunity for area employers to discuss how they can keep their employees in top working condition.

"We're just going over some general theories and giving them ideas and ways to apply those theories into their workplace," says coalition member Elisha Fisher, "and we have occupational safety and health here, and their actually earning their 10-hour OSHA card."

Health Departments across the state, joined by healthcare workers and safety professionals, were invited to this year's event.

Fruit of the Loom was named the "healthiest workplace" for large companies- just one of the awards given out Thursday.

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