Back to school shopping makes parents realize kids are getting another year older

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- From the "must haves" like pencils, rulers, and index cards -- to the "mom, please" items like pink and green glitter glue, local families are stocking up with school supplies.

It's usually the kids who aren't ready to go back just yet, but sometimes, when you're sending one off to middle school for the first time, it's the parents who have a harder time with August approaching.

"I'm really excited," says Cooper Clark, an upcoming 7th grader at Drakes Creek Middle School.

"I'm not excited," laughed his mom, Courtney Clark, half joking.

She says it's going to take "A lot of prayers, a lot of time, a lot of things like that, but we're going to make it through it and I'm excited that he's going to be going to Drake's. He's got some friends going there so that helps, and good community, good connections, so it's good."

School supply shopping takes on a little different meaning each year as the kids step up to the next grade level.

"Luckily I have it all on my phone," says Courtney, scrolling through a supply list.

"I think it's [the supply list] a little bit bigger than normal maybe, just trying to divide between the classes and making sure they have everything, but they [Staples] had some good deals today so we decided we would try to beat the rush, maybe," she adds.

A Staples sales manager says this seasonal rush is to be expected.

"Back to school season is our six week long Black Friday basically," says Andy Cullen. "We do almost a quarter of our yearly sales in this really three week period of peak weeks right before school starts."

"We hired five or six extra people just for the summer just to help cover back to school," he adds.

Even students from surrounding counties are coming to Bowling Green to buy school supplies. They say it's not just notebooks and folders they're after, but new outfits, too.

"We just did [buy new clothes]. We just came from TJ Maxx," says James Reece, an upcoming 6th grader at Monroe County Middle School.

According to the National Retail Federation, parents will spend an average of $238.89 on clothing, $204.33 on electronics, $130.38 on shoes, and $114.12 on school supplies.

"I don't like a last minute thing, so we try to do a little bit so it doesn't hit all at once but the closer we get to school, you'll see the deals go," adds Courtney Clark.

Both Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green City Schools start August 9th this year.

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