Barren Co. High School Orchestra to play Carnegie Hall

Published: Sep. 21, 2016 at 8:56 PM CDT
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The Barren County High School Orchestra was gifted a chance at playing one of America's grandest venues.

When they were selected as one of only eight schools to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, emotions flooded into Director Amberly Bush's classroom.

"Each and every day they show up and they give me 110%," she says. "We've been able to come together as not only an ensemble but as a family, and work toward something that bigger than us."

Principal Brad Johnson says he extremely proud of the work his students put in.

"This is every day. This is a bright part of my day to walk by and hear these kids," he explains. "We're excited for these kids to travel other places and also see what they can do in our local community. It's been great for us."

This orchestra program isn't even five years old. Mariah Thomas is in her senior year, and she can't believe how far they've come.

"It's a lot to comprehend, actually," says Thomas. "I don't think that it's actually hit me that we're going all the way to New York and that we've been accepted out of our whole country."

At the end of the day some students are just happy to be doing something they love.

"It's a lot of work," says Trinitey Wireman, "but it's not too much that you definitely can't handle. Definitely the best experience is orchestra because making the music for me is what I enjoy."

As they prepare for the rest of their journey, it's good-bye Glasgow, and "cello" New York.

They are aiming to make the trip in April of this upcoming year for the National Band and Orchestra Festival.

The trip to New York is not cheap. To find out how to help send the students to Carnegie Hall, visit Barren County Schools' website and search "orchestra".