Barren County Senior Class witnesses mock crash

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- A hard-hitting mock crash scene as real as it can be was staged Friday afternoon on the Barren County High School practice field.

Glasgow Fire Sergeant and overseer of the senior class mock crash Kevin Poynter says as hard as it is to see it, it's necessary.

"We do this here, just to kinda jog their mind, jog their memory when they do get in that vehicle and a subject's been drinking and you know, "I don't really need to be in this vehicle," Sergeant Poynter added.

With prom only a few days away for the Barren County High School Trojans, the Barren County and Glasgow first responders wanted to remind the senior class how detrimental one decision behind the wheel can be.

Kentucky State Police Trooper BJ Eaton says it's all about the choices you make.

"We don't have to convince them that drinking and driving is bad, we don't have to convince them it's important to wear their seatbelt, or not to speed. I think they understand that. What we need to convince them, is to make that choice."

After the seniors first watched a student-produced video over the dangers of drinking and driving and texting and driving, they listened to Kentucky State Police, the Glasgow Police and Fire Department, Barren County Sheriff's office, and the Barren County Coroner to hear their first-hand experiences over life-changing collisions.

But to send the message home just a little further, the Senior Trojans witnessed a mock fatal crash involving their own classmates, with real emergency crew procedures and real aftermath, over one bad decision.

A sobering sight to see with a purpose, according to student mock crash participator Taryn Kerley.

"Being a part of it makes it feel more real, just being from the ambulance and stuff like that makes it seem more realistic, and it makes me more cautious over what I do when I'm driving," Kerley stated.

Glasgow Fire Chief Tony Atwood stated that the last thing the local first responders and community members wanted to see or hear, was news over a student fatal crash.

"Take it to heart. We care about our kids. We don't want to see anybody hurt. We want them to go to prom, come home, that's the big emphasis we're trying to make for everybody."

Fortunately, Trooper BJ Eaton says a tragedy like this can be avoided at ease.

"There's always an option of pulling over. They have those options to wait because no text is worth doing it while they're driving. If they are ever confronted with the choice of drinking and driving, they can stay where they're at, call their parents, call somebody. Making that call is still a much better choice than choosing to drink and drive," Trooper Eaton mentioned.

A fake crash to send home a real message.

On behalf of the Glasgow and Barren County first responders, please don't text and drive and drink or drive on prom night, or any other night.

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