Barren County votes to go wet

Published: Sep. 27, 2016 at 6:46 PM CDT
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The wet/dry vote started when Barren County residents made a petition to have their county go wet.

"We have a lake that could benefit from tourism. We have Mammoth Cave, we have antique stores," Sonya Hamerick said.

One voter believes that Barren County does not need to sell alcohol, because you can already buy it close to home.

"We've got plenty of alcohol surrounding us. And it just seems to cause more problems," Jack Younkin.

The voters who are 'saying yes' believe selling alcohol in their home county would bring in a ton of revenue.

"If they want to knock out this deficit that's causing these property taxes to go so high, they need to vote yes. If they want an increased police force, our police force is awesome, they're amazing, but we'd be even better and we'd knock out more illegal drugs," Hamrick added.

A voter who wants Barren County to stay dry, asks voter to think long and hard about the issues that come with drinking.

"They would have to leave a bar and go somewhere. And then you've got the issue of the driving," Younkin said.

Either way, voters are very passionate about which side they're voting.

"It is our constitutional right to go out and to purchase an alcoholic beverage within our stores locally. Prohibition went away many, many, many years ago and in this county, it still exists," Hamrick said.

According to the Barren County, county clerk's office, 4,651 residents voted yes to make their county wet, while 4,418 residents voted no to keep their county dry.

Barren County is the latest addition of counties going wet.