Barren River District Health Dept. has tips for mental health amid pandemic

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 9:44 PM CDT
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During these times, the way of everyday life due to the COVID-19 outbreak has changed.

The Barren River District Health Department wants to remind everyone to take time to acknowledge their mental health during these difficult times.

"For your mental health one of the best things you can do is stay active. And of course that means physically active. But check out from the local newspaper for awhile, get away from the social media. Re ad a book. Do something like that to keep yourself active. Something to kind of get your mind off of what all is going on in the rest of the world. Maybe check back throughout the day for the news, but try not to get too much because that can really wear on you after awhile," said Public Health Coordinator, Chip Kraus,

The Health Department released the following tips and resources to help cope with mental health during this outbreak.

"It is normal for people to feel stress and anxiety in these types of situations. In order to help manage mental

health, do the following:

 Stay informed with updates from reliable sources such as:






 Maintain a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, and get enough sleep

 Preserve daily routines as much as possible

 Take a break from social media and news and don’t overexpose yourself to too much information

 Take advantage of outdoor activities while still maintaining social distancing

 Social distancing does not mean social isolation, connect with friends and family through virtual

opportunities such as texting, phone calls, and FaceTime"

They also shared some social distancing tips to help prevent spread of the virus.

Social distancing tips:

 Talk openly and honestly with your kids about COVID-19, what social distancing means, and why it’s


 Cancel any current travel plans, international and out-of-state

 Create a plan for elderly or high-risk family members

 FaceTime, call, and text your friends and often

 Keep a daily routine

 Participate in activities, remotely, such as virtual workouts or book clubs

 Get outdoors and stay active while maintaining a 6-foot distance from others

 Consider using drive-through, curbside pick-up, or delivery services for things like groceries and food

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