Beaver Dam residents left to clean damage from tornado

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BEAVER DAM, Ky. (WBKO) -- The day after a tornado tore through Beaver Dam, residents are left to clean up and find their belongings that are scattered throughout the wreckage.

"I was just talking about the jewelry box that was scattered everywhere," said Robin Henderson. "Now there was this [ring] just laying there."

The National Weather Service estimate winds reached 100 miles per hour, and according to residents, the tornado was short, but caused severe damage. Multiple trees were down, and houses lost roofs.

Some residents say they were in fear for their lives when the tornado hit.

"I screamed hysterically, I was trying to push everyone away and get in a hiding spot," Henderson said. Her brother and her hid in the house she just moved into this past weekend.

The winds were strong enough to take an entire building off of its foundation, and scattered it in different places throughout the wreckage.

People were finding their belongings several yards away from where their house was. Some of these belonging were completely destroyed.

Residents say it's going to take a long time for Beaver Dam to rebuild, but they are just glad no one was severely injured.

"It could have been worse," a neighbor said. "If we were 30 feet yesterday in a different direction, we wouldn't be here today."

But the Ohio County community are coming together.

"We want to do everything we can to help (the neighbors), a lot of people are reaching out to us. We have church family and friends that are helping, and we really appreciate that," says another neighbor.

The National Weather Service confirmed there was a second tornado that touched down near Bremen in northern Muhlenberg County with estimated winds of 90 mph. ​

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