Beech Bend Road expansion expected to help with traffic flow on busy days

Published: Oct. 10, 2019 at 4:55 PM CDT
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Wednesday afternoon Governor Bevin announced the city of Bowling Green will be receiving discretionary funds to help expand Beech Bend Road.

"So this is something that's been needed to get done for a while this is $252,000 and $500 to boot," said Governor Matt Bevin.

The road expansion will be helpful to those attending Beech Bend Park for the thrills of the rides or to their racetrack for motor sports events.

"I think it'll help them get in and out quickly as well and get over to the actual drag show depending on what their events are. We have several events that Beech Bend has throughout the season that are multi-days and lots of cars. So we think this will really help ease congestion out there," said Beth Noffsinger, communications director for the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

With a history of traffic backups, the city is planning on extending the road from Garvin Lane to the entrance of Beech Bend Road.

"It takes that 1800-foot section of (road) and widens it to three lanes, and doing that allows us to have two lanes going into the park during the large events. And when it's over, there will be two lanes coming out," said Mayor Bruce Wilkerson, of Bowling Green.

Some residents who live off of or on Beech Bend Road have had to deal with having a hard time getting home when traffic is heavy.

"So if I leave out of the house I have to make sure it is after the traffic has died down which is usually around 11. I try to get home before the event is over. Whatever time the event happens -- when it is over, it's that bad leaving out of Beech Bend," said Debbie Young, a nearby resident. "You can't get in and out of your own driveway because traffic is so bad."

Beech Bend is currently winding down for the season but residents are hopeful that things will be better with the road expansion for next season.

The expansion from Garvin Lane to the park entrance is just phase one of the city's plan. They hope to eventually have the entire road expanded all the way up to the railroad tracks.

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