Behind the scenes: Valentine's Day preparations

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Deemer's Flowers in Bowling Green starts ordering flowers for Valentine's Day at the end of December.

"We try to push people to start ordering them early. That way they get their order in and they're pretty much going to get the flowers that they want.," Shop Manager, Shayla Sweeney said.

Even with the crazy weather the past year, that hasn't impacted the crop.

"Our flowers are flown in from everywhere. Different parts of the country, some out of the country. But mostly in the country," Sweeney added.

Valentine's Day is only the second biggest holiday for the flower shop, right behind Mother's Day.

"A lot of people have mothers, probably more mothers than they do girlfriends or wives," Sweeney laughed.

The flower shop also orders many extra little decorations.

"More upscale vases for orders. Where people want keepsakes, once the flowers are gone, whoever gets them has something they can keep afterwards," Owner of Deemer's Flowers. Ellen Buchanon said.

In addition to renting more delivery vans, the shop also hires more flower designers, just for the holiday.

"There's always extra things around here for people to do, even if they're not arranging flowers. You know, we have lots of stocking we've got to do, stocking vases. Getting everything ready so we can put the flower arrangements together," Buchanon said.

It's a stressful couple of days.

"It's a fun time of year to be working because it's a real positive holiday. I'm like the fifth generation in my family to work in a flower shop. So I've been doing this my whole life," Buchanon added.

Nothing can replace the smile on someone's face when they get flowers on Valentine's Day.

Click the attached link for more information on ordering flower arrangements.

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