UPDATE: False alarm causes chaos at Bendix

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Bowling Green police say after a thorough investigation, a 'run, hide, and fight' system alarm was activated due to an electrical malfunction, causing the emergency evacuation.

"Through the investigation with the Fire Department and the Bowling Green Police Department, it was determined that it was a system malfunction, an electronic malfunction, there was no manual pull of the run, hide, fight system," said David Jackson, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Bendix.

Bendix's monitoring company will be on site early Thursday morning to determine what specifically caused the electrical malfunction.

"The way the Bowling Green Police Department handled the situation, they just did a fantastic job. We would like to thank Bowling Green Police Department for coming out and being very professional, taking the situation very serious. Also would like to thank all of our employees that did the right thing," Jackson said.
Bowling Green Police say BGFD responded to an alarm at Bendix Spicer on Central Ave. While on scene a panic alarm was activated. BGPD has determined the system malfunctioned.


Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC in Bowling Green has been evacuated by police. At this time police have not confirmed to us the cause of the evacuation.

The company is located Central Avenue just off Nashville Road on Bowling Green's south side.


We currently have a reporter on the scene.

An employee of the company tells 13 News that police informed him someone was inside of the building with a gun. This forced authorities to evacuate everyone from the building.

Now multiple employees are telling 13 News that a gunman was inside of the company building tonight.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more information.

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