Bevin pardons Michael Hardy in murder of Jeremy Pryor

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 5:04 PM CST
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Matt Bevin has pardoned Michael Hardy in the 2014 drunk driving crash that killed Jeremy Pryor.

Pryor's family learned of the Commutation and Conditional Pardon Wednesday.

A statement released by Alan Simpson, attorney for the Pryor family, said in part:

"This action of Matt Bevin screams of either a complete lack of empathy for other human beings, willful ignorance to the truth or outright corruption. The Pryor family will be asking the law enforcement community to investigate the Governor's actions, including full accounting of all official and unofficial communication that may have occurred with the Governor, or anyone acting on his behalf."

During the trial, Kentucky State Police Trooper Hunter Martin also described data from the crash.

Martin detailed that Hardy's SUV was equipped with a black box showing data leading up to and during the crash.

Martin said the black box showed Hardy was driving 90 MPH at the point of impact with Pryor's car. The KSP Trooper testified that Hardy had his foot on the accelerator when he rear-ended Jeremy Pryor on Smallhouse Road. No signs of braking showed up on the black box until after the point of impact. Martin also says there's no indication there was any failure of any mechanics in the car.

In July 2016, Hardy said he didn’t remember anything about the night of the accident, saying his memory was black between the afternoon of November 21, 2014, and when he was told Pryor was dead while in the hospital.

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