Blackhawk Mining to close five facilities in West Virginia

Timothy Stacy is one of hundreds of miners impacted by the closures.
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(WBKO/CNN) -- With former Blackjewel miners awaiting mediation with their former employers, another company announces mine and plant closures.

Blackhawk Mining will close five mines and plants by the end of the year, putting about 342 people about of work before the holiday season.

Timothy Stacy is a coal miner affected by the closures.

"It's going to be tough for a lot of the families, especially at the end of the year," Stacy said. "All your holidays coming up. Christmas coming up.I It's a bad thing to come for all of us."

Blackhawk cited global coal market weakness as a reason for the closures, along with prices hitting a three-year low.

Stacy said he's still hoping for a better resolution.