Blakely McCalister and Kylee Eilers

Kylee Eilers
South Warren High School
Kylee scored a 30 on her ACT and maintains a 3.98 GPA as a senior at South Warren High School. She plans to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a pathway in the pre-professional medicine course. After graduating from undergraduate studies, she plans to attend medical school where to focus in pediatrics. She is a Governor’s Scholar and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook Staff at her school. She tutors at Rockfield Elementary and is a member of Beta Club, National Honor Society, Equality Club, and Science Club. Outside of school, Kylee enjoys photography saying “Photography has been a passion of mine since the 6th grade. My job as a photographer is to use my creativity and innovativeness to shoot unique shots and establish a story throughout my photos. Photography has taught me to embrace my unique way of thinking and not to be afraid of trying new things.”
Blakely McCalister
Owensboro High School
Blakely maintains a 4.0 as a senior at Owensboro High School and scored a 29 on his ACT. He plans to go to medical school in order to receive his Doctorate in Dentistry and become a family dentist. He is a Governor’s Scholar and serves as the President of the National Honors Society at his school. Blakely is involved in many clubs and organizations including varsity baseball, varsity soccer, National Honors Society, Wendell Ford Statesmanship Academy, Young Republicans Club, Rec League Baseball team, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Outside of school he attempts “to create strong relationships with those around me by participating in various activities.” He also spends spare time practicing his sports and hanging out with friends.