Blind siblings share inspirational story as they live life with seeing eye dogs

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A service dog went missing after walking out a door that was accidentally left open Monday. Thankfully, the 10-year-old pup came back.

"She was excited to see us," said her owner, Austin Clark.

The guide dog, Almanor, belongs to Austin Clark, who has been legally blind nearly his whole life.

"She's changed my life in so many ways," said Clark, referring to Almanor, who he has had for the past eight years. "I've gone more places with her in this eight years than I have ever before, like, in the first 18 years of my life."

However, Austin isn't in the dark alone. His 23-year-old sister, Sydney, is also legally blind.

"At least we have each other," said Sydney.

So, it's not only Almanor doing the guiding around here -- Jefro makes this the fearless foursome, who are well-known throughout the community.

"So when you put this on, their demeanor changes and they know," said Sydney, while she put on her dog's guide. "They know this isn't time to like goof around," added Austin.

The dogs have made living life easier, and as Austin and Sydney would tell you -- better.

"You always have like a guardian angel with you but it's out in front of you," said Austin.

However, the reality is, dog or not, their lack of sight sure hasn't allowed them to go unseen.

"I'm in grad school right now," said Sydney.

"I finished my MBA at Western in 2018, and now I've started a financial planning company that works with people who have special needs or family with special needs," said Austin.

They say their drive is instilled through continued support of their family and friends, along with Jefro and Almanor.

"It's not ideal, you know -- a lot of people's biggest fear is to not have sight, so a lot people think this would be the worst thing ever, but it's not and one of the things that makes it better is that we have each other," said Sydney.

It's proof that companionship has the ability to make any circumstance lighter whether it's with person or dog.

Austin says Almanor will be retiring from service in June, and will go to live with his parents. He plans on getting another guide dog.

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