Bluegrass Medical Care offering curbside office visits, COVID-19 testing

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The coronavirus is changing the way some traditionally see a doctor.

Many people are now opting to have have their appointment in a virtual setting, also referred to as telemedicine.

Bluegrass Medical Care is taking a different approach by offering curb side service says Lena Gokey, APRN at the clinic.

"They're coming in not just testing for symptoms, as far as flu like or COVID testing and all those things. They're coming in for other issues," said Gokey.

As the coronavirus continues to spread it has some worried about exposure by simply attending a routine doctor's office visit. Bluegrass Medical Care decided to offer curbside service for patient concern and safety.

"They're just trying to be safe and they don't want to come into a health care facility. So what we're doing is seeing them outside, and we're making them feel as safe as possible," said Gokey.

Lena says in addition to seeing patients for regular visits, they're also performing COVID-19 testing curbside.

"We are testing for the COVID-19, however before we do that we want to make sure we utilize our other testing such as flu and strep. For a lot of my patients I've seen, patients that I haven't seen in several months so it's just nice to catch up with them and help them with their re-fills," said Gokey.

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