Boating accident at Barren River Lake sends one to hospital

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BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Jamie Karnes and his buddy Jason Martin were fishing near the Peninsula Marina on Barren River Lake Wednesday when they were interrupted by screams in the distance.

"I told [Jason], strap the rods down, because these boats just hit," Karnes said.

Karnes says he and Martin made their way to where a small boat had collided head on with a pontoon.

"We were probably 500-600 yards away," he began. "We could see this boat, making big circles, out of control. Nobody was in it, he was ejected."

Karnes says the passenger of the small boat was struggling to stay above water as his head began to bleed and his boat continued to run.

"As we moved in to get him out," he continued, "we also had to watch this boat because the boat almost came back and hit the pontoon again. The boat was kind of chasing us in a circle."

Karnes says he went between their boat and the boat that was out of control and pulled him up over the back side of his boat, and we got away from the boat that was out of control.

He says he hopes people understand how things like this happen, and how they can be prevented.

"His boat, this right here was what kept the throttle down," he demonstrated, pushing the accelerator all the way down, "and once that goes down, it stays there until the boat runs out of gas or wrecks."

Karnes went on to say that boaters should keep their boat's kill switch attached to their person.

"When you hook [the clip] up to yourself like that, if you get ejected, that goes out and [it] pulls out with you and that kills the motor," he says.

As to why Karnes did what he did yesterday, he says it was all part of God's plan.

"It was just that I'd hate to know that If I didn't do anything and someone died from it," he said.

He also went on to say that he'd do the same thing for anyone.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife says the victim of the crash was treated for a non-life threatening head injury.

Karnes says he wouldn't have been able to help the victim if it hadn't been for the efforts of his fishing buddy, Jason Martin.

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