Body recovered, vehicle still submerged in Drakes Creek

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Several surrounding counties are recovering from storm damage after strong winds, rain, and even tornadoes tore into our area over the weekend.

In Simpson County, one man lost his life on Saturday when officials say his car was swept off a low water bridge and into Drakes Creek.

"Any time there's flash flooding, most of your low water crossings will flood over," says Simpson County Sheriff Jere Dee Hopson.

That's exactly what happened on Saturday.

"There are signs that are put out, which were up that day saying that there's water over the bridge, to turn around," he adds, describing the area going down to the crossing off Kenny Perry Drive.

Even Monday those signs were still up, but some people were not taking that advice and were continuing to drive across the bridge.

Over the weekend the Simpson County Sheriff's Office got a call about a vehicle someone saw submerged in the water.

"A gentleman came down the hill, went through the sign that said not to, and tried to cross the bridge. It was obvious you could see that there was water going over the bridge. The water pushed his vehicle off of the bridge and he was trapped in there," explains Hopson.

Simpson County Fire and Rescue crews recovered the body of the person inside the vehicle, identified as 69-year-old Kenneth Boren, of Franklin.

As of Monday, crews still have not been able to recover the vehicle Mr. Boren was in. Water is still standing on the bridge and flooding is an issue.

"As the water drops to an appropriate level, then we'll try to make contact to get the vehicle removed. It's not an easy situation to get a vehicle out of the middle of a creek," says Hopson.

Officials are warning people to stay safe as these water levels aren't down yet.

Hopson says, "It doesn't look like much water but water is very forceful. It can pick your car up and take it off the bridge in a heartbeat. And you have so much force in the creek at that point and time, it's hard to get out of your vehicle, so don't risk it. Especially if you have a family or anybody else, turn around."

Hopson says he wants to thank the Simpson County Fire and Rescue crews for their work over the weekend.

"They put themselves in harms way to be able to take care of the situation we had out there. We certainly think the world of them and we appreciate the hard work that they do," he says.

Sheriff Hopson says officials aren't sure exactly what time Mr. Boren's vehicle was swept into the water. They say he was last seen Saturday morning around 9:00 a.m. and the call from someone who saw the vehicle in the water didn't come in until around 2:00 p.m.

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