Bourbon now being distilled in Simpson County; Dueling Grounds Distillery

SIMPSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- As of today there's a new addition to the Bourbon Trail. Located in Franklin-Simpson county, Dueling Grounds Distillery is now officially open.

"We started out about six years ago putting this thing together. And at that time I wanted to be on the trail, I knew that was a goal. And so we kind of worked toward it, and to be actually recognized and accepted on the trail means that we have reached a point in our evolution where we are making a respectable product, we have a good tour and we belong," said owner, Marc Dottore.

The signature blends that Dueling Grounds offers, didn't happen over night. Dottore said it took trial and error and sorting through many questions until they were successful in getting operations to run smoothly.

"We are at the point now for at least at the moment, we have a nice smooth system going and we are able to make bourbon on a pretty consistent basis. We make bourbon here six days a week," said Dottore.

All ingredients used in the bourbon-whiskey making process are all locally sourced.

"Everything is done right here, we don't source any alcohol from outside, everything comes from grains from this local area," said Dottore.

And with the bourbon comes an added benefit, tourism.

"They will bring people off of the interstate, they'll bring people from other areas to our community and when they come here for the distillery they will also be here to shop, they'll be here to go to restaurants, they'll be here to buy gas. It should increase the entire economic situation in Franklin-Simpson county as far as retail is concerned," said Steve Thurmond with the Franklin-Simpson Chamber of Commerce.