Bowling Green Citizen Survey

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The City of Bowling Green is looking for your help during its biannual survey where 1,500 households were chosen at random.

If you were chosen you'll get a postcard and a letter explaining how to fill out the survey, which can be done online.

Once that data is compiled, the survey is opened up to the rest of Bowling Green.

"It really gives us a good idea of what our citizens are feeling about the job we're doing, what they'd like to see done in the future, and it gives us a lot of really great feedback," said Kim Lancaster.

The city uses the results for resource allocations, capital projects, and during the budget process as they can see what improvements residents want to see.

Since the city has been doing the survey, Lancaster says they've invested more into roads and sidewalks because those are two of the items people want to see improved.

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