Bowling Green Fire Department outfitting new aerial truck

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Bowling Green Fire Department's new Truck 1 is finally in town, and firefighters are working on the finishing touches before using it out on a run.

(Photo: Madison Martin)

For the last several weeks, firefighters have been outfitting the truck with equipment to do what they do best.

The number of calls the city's fire department stations go on has increased over the years, and that can take a toll on the equipment.

"You know, we're blessed. City's growing. The city leaders -- we put the budget out there and they're on board with it," said Captain Bryan Fulkerson. "The trucks that we're replacing -- the maintenance costs start to kind of get high, so when you start looking at what you're having to spend on maintenance to keep the trucks running and operating, if you can buy new apparatus to replace those, your maintenance costs goes down, so it's kind of a win-win in that situation."

The truck, Fulkerson says, is smaller than the aerial truck it will be replacing, which will allow it to get through tighter spaces.

The truck was put together by Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin. It's one of six trucks in total being added as replacements across the fire department's fleet. Those four engines, and one rescue truck were delivered earlier this year. The aerial truck took a trip to Atlanta to be shown at a conference, before it was delivered to the department.

The aerial could be outfitted fully by Pierce as well, but installing the equipment in Bowling Green, Fulkerson says, is more cost-effective and allows for the team to be more hands-on with the design.

"We're here, it's local -- that way, if there's any questions on where we want to put a specific tool or if we forget something, it's just easier to have it here and to do it here," said Fulkerson.

They still have a couple more weeks to go to add on equipment.

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