Bowling Green High School Teacher awarded grant for chemistry and physics classes

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 1:04 PM CST
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Susan Morgan a 10th-12th-grade teacher at Bowling Green High School received a $1000 Battelle Education Classroom Grant sponsored by TVA and BVI.

This is a part of a regional TVA program and Ms. Morgan is using her award money to purchase hands-on STEM labs for her Introduction to Physics and Chemistry classes.

"Getting this equipment for the students so that they could do more labs in this level of class that we haven't done before," said Susan Morgan, a teacher at BGHS. "I was like wow we've got resources to help with this class to do more than they normally do."

In total Ms. Morgan was able to order 10 new labs for her students.

"There will be catapults different projectiles, paper airplanes, egg drops roller coasters all those things that sound like fun and they'll be learning the science behind why they fly and move the way they do," added Morgan.

According to Ms. Morgan picking hands-on activities are not only fun for the kids to participate in but they are also learning at the same time.

"There's an old saying that says you can tell me how to do something and I'll forget about it but if I actually do it I will remember it better,'" added Morgan. "They think it is fun but they are learning and they don't even realize that they are learning at the time and so as many hands-on materials we can get the better it is for them."

Morgan has already purchased all 10 labs for her students and is now waiting for the materials to arrive.

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