Bowling Green Independent Schools prepare for new additions in upcoming school year

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Many students are currently enjoying their summer break, but the staff at Bowling Green Independent Schools is prepping for new additions for the coming school year.

Many topics were addressed at the school board meeting Monday night, among them, a partnership with Graves-Gilbert Clinic for student and occupational health services.

Seven schools will be staffed with school health professionals.

Superintendent Gary Fields expressed his content especially over the addition of a nurse practitioner.

"We will be one of the few school districts in the state that has a nurse practitioner that'll be in our district everyday not just providing services at the site they may be at that day, but also utilization of telehealth to work with other students at other schools," says Fields.

In addition to the partnership, Bowling Green High School will also add a social worker to help out in the counseling department.

Fields says the addition was a necessary one: "In the last twelve months this board of education has created positions for two mental health counselors and now a social worker for our students. A successful student is a healthy, a student who has a comfort level coming to school knowing they're gonna get the care either medically or mental health wise that they need are gonna be successful."

Fields commends the board for finding resources for the positions because they're not state funds; but rather local funds.

Superintendent Fields also spoke about the status of the construction expansion project and says they're on pace and he hopes they will be moving in by this time next year.

Fields spoke on what he is most excited about regarding the expansion.

"I think I'm most excited for them to see the new learning environments you know for kids who are involved in a lot of areas of the building, they're gonna have a benefit from it." -- Gary Fields.

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