Bowling Green Police: Woman falls on knife, dies from injuries

Published: Jan. 3, 2020 at 10:00 AM CST
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Earlier this week,

on how Bowling Green Police responded to Durbin Drive on New Year's Eve to check the welfare of a person lying on the sidewalk.

When officers arrived they found 71-year-old Shirley L. Brince unconscious and surrounded by blood.

They say Brince sustained, what appeared to be, a stab wound on her left side at her belt-line. Brince was transported to the hospital, where she died a short time later. Advanced Crime Scene Processors located a large kitchen knife inside a shoulder bag near the spot where she was lying. The bag had a hole where the knife had poked through the material.

Detectives located a video camera nearby. The video footage showed Brince walking along Glen Lily Road and turning left on Durbin Drive. She neared the area of the school, she fell.

Police say they cannot determine why she fell but she was alone. The occupants of two vehicles (the ones that police had been attempting to identify) appear to see her fall and both stop to assist her.

The occupants of the vehicles help Brince to her feet then leave the area. Police say Brince walked a short distance but then fell again.

Bowling Green Police's investigation shows Brince fell on the bag she was carrying over her shoulder. It was with enough force to drive the knife into her side, causing the injury which would lead to her death.

Bowling Green Police would like to talk to the occupants in both vehicles to learn of their interactions with Brince. Police do not anticipate any criminal charges.