Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport announces ticket fares

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Thursday, two questions many wanted answered, when does air service out of Bowling Green begin and how much will it cost?

Flights begin August 29th.

The cost opens up at $59 one way to Atlanta and Destin through September 30th, if booked by August 11th.

After that, flights will be $79 to Atlanta and $99 to Destin one way.

"Already our reservation agents over the past couple weeks have told us they've been getting a lot of phone calls with interest about the service, and we're so pleased that we're able to start it this quickly," said Contour Airlines CEO Matt Chaifetz.

"We're excited. This a very exciting day. We haven't had air service in 44 years," said Bowling Green/Warren County Regional Airport Manager Rob Barnett.

The 29 passenger plane will fly twice a day during the week from Bowling Green to Atlanta, and once on the weekends.

One flight out of Bowling Green to Destin on Thursday and Saturday with return flights Thursday and Sunday.

Chaifetz said TSA security lines will essentially be non-existent.

"I can promise you with us being the only airline operating out of Bowling Green and only one flight at a time that you'll almost certainly have no lines at the TSA checkpoint," Chaifetz added.

The airport will also have free parking.

Contour Airlines said they're not sure exactly what to expect on ticket sales and popularity, but Chaifetz said they've already gotten a lot of interest in flights.

Contour Airlines was announced in May as the airline providing service from Bowling Green to Atlanta twice daily during the week, and once a day on weekends.

Contour said at the time the motivation behind coming to south central Kentucky had to do with similar success they had had in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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