Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport announces flights to Atlanta, Destin

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) - After searching for years, Bowling Green has finally found a partner in flight.

"The airline that will be serving Bowling Green is Contour Airlines," said Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport Manager, Rob Barnett as a banner dropped behind a stage inside a hangar Tuesday.

The company based out of Tennessee will be flying from Bowling Green to Atlanta twice daily during the week, and once a day on weekends. Contour Airlines will also be offering flights from Bowling Green to Destin, Florida at least twice a week on a seasonal basis.

Contour said the motivation behind coming to south central Kentucky has to do with similar success they've recently had in Tupelo, Mississippi.

"The opportunity to serve a market that has previously had no non-stop commercial airline service for 44 years, we think is an untapped market that we will have a lot of success in," said Matt Chaifetz, CEO of Corporate Flight Management, Inc. The group is the parent company of Contour Airlines.

According to Contour Airlines, the flight from Bowling Green to Atlanta will only take an hour. The biggest question remaining is how much will it cost?

"I can't reveal the fares just yet, but I can tell you that we firmly believe in offering very low fares to stimulate the market to get people to come out and try the service, then transition into more sustainable long term fares," said Chaifetz.

Airport Manager Rob Barnett has been leading a charge for years to bring commercial service back to the area. He said the success of the flights depends on how the community uses them.

"Use it or lose it. We need the people in this community to support this airline."

According to the statistics, a large number of people in the region are flying somewhere.

"There were 720,000 airlines tickets purchased in 2013. If we could capture a small percentage of those airline tickets, we will be wildly successful," added Barnett.

The airport and Contour hope conveniences like free parking and almost non-existent security lines will keep those people home when they choose to leave their house.

Flights will begin out of Bowling Green for the first time in 44 years starting in August.

The flights to Florida will end in late October before picking back up in the spring.

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