Bowling Green adds local businesses to restaurant scene

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- With hundreds of restaurants and many locally owned businesses, Bowling Green has a history of being a great city to foster small business success.

"Our proximity to such a large portion of the United States within just a short drive time makes Bowling Green a prime spot for new businesses to locate here," said Keith Coffman.

Coffman is the owner of Lost River Pizza Company and, more recently, High Tops sports bar.

It's been a goal for a number of years for Western Kentucky University and the City of Bowling Green to marry the university with the downtown area. Coffman says opening High Tops right across from the Midtown apartment complex is much more than that.

"There's a lot of other beautiful college campuses across America that have areas right next to campus that cater primary to the college students, to the faculty and staff that work on campus and then to all the auxiliary businesses that take care of campus as well. We don't have that, or didn't have that here in this area prior to this area being developed."

Just down the road on Fairview Avenue, Top of the Hill Nutrition is breaking onto the scene for the first time.

"What we have here is a three step process with the board right here," explained business owner Austin Sutcliffe. "So, every time you come in we'll start you off with a mango aloe shooter. It's great for heartburn and indigestion. Then we'll move you on to an herbal tea, it's good to help speed up your metabolism, give you a little bit of energy. Then finally, the best part, you get to pick your shake."

The idea for a shop that only sales healthy meal replacement shakes isn't the only thing unique about Top of the Hill Nutrition. It's owner, Sutcliffe, is still a college student.

"As soon as I get done with the shop everyday, I go home and do my homework. Sometimes I do it here," he smiled.

Sutcliffe says if Bowling Green can afford the opportunity of entrepreneurship to him, it can do it for anyone dedicated enough to work at it.

"Since I've been here Bowling Green has expanded tremendously. I mean, on and off campus so, I don't see any reason why it would slow down."

"Don't be afraid to make mistakes, and as soon as you make one, fix it as fast as you can," offered Coffman. "You've got to make a few mistakes to kind of learn where you can get better, so it's always important to take every bit of criticism you can, both good and bad, and try to improve every day from where you were yesterday."

You can check out High Tops and Top of the Hill Nutrition by clicking the links attached to this story.

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