Bowling Green airport cancels Atlanta flights; Destin service continues

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Bowling Green/Warren County Regional airport will no longer have flights to Atlanta.

The airport board made that decision this week after several weeks of not enough people taking the flights. It had become financially unstable.

"There was a demand. We have consistent users of the Atlanta flight. There is just not enough of them to be quite honest with you and the load factors did not achieve the financial self-sustainability of Atlanta," said Airport Manager Rob Barnett.

On the 30 passenger plane, Barnett hoped to have it about two-thirds full, but it wasn't happening on a regular basis for the business destination of Atlanta.

"It's been disappointing, very disappointing, very discouraging to say the least, that our community has not responded adequately in order to support the Atlanta service," Barnett said.

Barnett added with the airport ending the Atlanta route, it will be difficult to get any new business connections in the future. Bowling Green is an unproven market.

The service to Atlanta will end on January 8th. Barnett also said there will be no full-time jobs lost as a result of the service ending. Hours are expected to be cut for some employees though.

It isn't all bad news. Flights to Destin exceeded the airport's expectations.

"The demand is there for Destin, and the people were incredibly excited with the opportunity to fly non-stop to the Gulf Coast like that," Barnett added.

Barnett said flights actually had people traveling from Louisville and Nashville to head to Destin.

Ticket prices are expected to rise on the flight to Destin, because of the cancellation of the Atlanta service.

The flights to the popular vacation destination will pick back up in March.

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