Bowling Green business, students win at regional Emmy awards

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A Bowling Green creative content agency recently won an Emmy Award at the 55th annual Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards for their work on a public service announcement with United Way.

Sublime Media created a PSA where they filmed community members stepping in front of a camera and unexpectedly having to read a script on camera.

The purpose was to put adults on the spot to make them feel as unprepared as some kids do on the first day of school.

In the video, participants end up reading from a teleprompter where they read a message saying nearly 50 percent of children in South-Central Kentucky are unprepared for the first day of kindergarten.

"My heart rate was up and when I heard our name called I just closed my eyes, my heart kind of dropped to the floor, and it's amazing," said Jon Doss, Co-founder and Managing Director of Sublime Media. "It's amazing to be recognized for your work in any profession and it certainly was that night."

The video was filmed inside our WBKO studio.

One of our very own WBKO employees also won an Emmy.

Jordon Crabbe won a student Emmy for her work on a film as a student at Western Kentucky University.

Crabbe served as the production designer, sound designer, and co-editor for the film "Dirty Laundry."

"But it was really nice, at that time this film was the hardest thing I had ever done, so it was nice to get some sort of pay off for that, you know, they are student films no one pays us to do them so it was really nice to kind of get that recognition," said Crabbe.

Jeff Petrocelli, a Bowling Green resident, won an Emmy in the audio category for his work with the WKU PBS Lost River Sessions.

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