Bowling Green businesses preparing for New Year's Eve

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As New Year's Eve celebrations quickly approach us, Bowling Green businesses like 440 Main and Micki's on Main are getting ready for the last and first party of the year.

"We take a lot of pride in just making sure that everybody can come in, have a great time, not have to worry about getting things together or trying to throw a big party at their house, you can come down here and we got everything for you," 440 Main and Micki's on Main Manager Danny Gonzalez stated.

"We are doing a lot of different things. What we're going to do is we're going to have a nice brunch and we're going to be watching the football games. That night, we're going to have a DJ and some festivities at night, kick off the new year, have a little toast, and just get everything going," Gonzalez added.

But if you aren't typically the one to go out and celebrate the New Year, Chuck Evans Liquor Outlet is stocked on champagne and spirits so you can have your own toast.

"Right now it's going to be a lot of champagne, to toast either the holidays either the coming of the new year or saying goodbye to the end of this year," Chuck Evans Liquor Outlet Lisa Browning mentioned.

But with bubbly beverages, come big responsibilities.

"Please be safe. If you are going to drink, either stay somewhere or get a designated driver. Just play it safe," Browning added.

And for those who want to bring in the new year with favors, Balloon-A-Gram is ready to help you celebrate in proper fashion.

"We're getting all the party favors ready. We've had some folks come in and take a look at them, and we've actually already sold some to our corporate clients," Balloon-A-Gram Owner and Manager Nick Wilkins stated.

"I plan on going downtown depending on the weather and I'll have the favors on the street to buy if someone wants to buy them at a very reasonable price so they can celebrate the New Year and to have some favors to go with it," Wilkins added.

Bowling Green businesses ready to help the locals ring in the new year.

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