Bowling Green city commission is set

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The three incumbents running for re-election in the race for Bowling Green city commission re-gained their seats and are joined by another former commissioner.

Joe Denning was the top vote-getter, followed by Sue Parrigin.

Coming in at the third spot, was former commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash.

Rounding out the city commission was Rick Williams.

"By re-electing the three incumbents that were running for re-election," says Williams, "it sends a statement that the citizens of Bowling Green are pretty happy with the way that things are going."

"What I hope to accomplish going forward over the next two years, says "Slim" Nash, "is just to have discussion and debate return to the city commission."

Joe Denning says, "I'm going to continue to work hard to represent a majority of the citizens for the city of Bowling Green."

"I want to say a really heart-felt thank you to the community of Bowling Green," says Sue Parrigin, "for allowing me another two years to serve, and I appreciate everybody that got out and voted and I'm just looking forward to more growth and more great things for Bowling Green."

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