Bowling Green family experiences turkey "invasion" in their front yard

Published: Nov. 27, 2019 at 9:58 PM CST
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We're used to seeing displays like this around Christmas time but a family here in Bowling Green woke up this morning to an invasion of turkey's in their front yard.

"About 5 years ago we saw one turkey marked down, for next to nothing the day after Halloween. Like thanksgiving was already over," said homeowner, Teresa Hardcastle. "I just said we have to do something about this because it goes right from Halloween to Christmas and I love thanksgiving it's my favorite holiday because it's just the time to be thankful and share it with friends and family and I just decided it was my job to save thanksgiving one turkey at a time."

"We love it, we think it's a fun its a good holiday display and gets people in the mood. Who couldn't love some turkey's?" said friends of neighbor, Pam Priddy.

"The flock starts gathering on November 1 every year. And it takes until about the week of thanksgiving for all the turkey's to be out. My hope is that we continue to grow it and really we wanted to have a scene so people can bring their kids their grand kids and have their picture taken with the turkey's and just remember that Thanksgiving is a great holiday and we need to not skip over it," said Hardcastle.

Teresa says anyone is welcome to view the display, it is located at 1314 Willow Way in Bowling Green, Ky.

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