Bowling Green family recalls standstill traffic as officials move forward with project to widen Beech Bend Road

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 5:46 PM CST
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On a typical Tuesday traffic on Beech Bend Road is calm, but on weekends when Beech Bend Park is having an event traffic becomes the exact opposite.

In August and September, there were several events at Beech Bend Park that brought in thousands of people causing major traffic congestion.

"We were all just landlocked right in the middle of it, it was insane," said Lauren Hilliard, knows first hand how bad traffic can be.

Her bridal shower was Saturday, September 7th, the same day as the Holley LSFest.

"You can't have 20,000 people showing up to Beech Bend all at the same time," said Hilliard.

Turns out, the Bowling Green Country Club, where her bridal shower was, also had an event going on.

Soon came the calls and texts from friends and family saying they were stuck in traffic. Her grandfather was one of those stuck and unable to make it.

"They got there probably around 9:30, it was the traffic area they got stuck in and they were in that same area and to get to Louisville Road it took them four hours," said Candi Whitmer, Hilliard's mom.

For Hilliard's family, they had no idea that the bridal shower would have been the last time they saw her grandfather.

He died one week before her wedding.

"So we buried him in his suit that he bought to wear to the wedding," said Whitmer.

Hilliard hopes her family's story sheds light on a problem.

Bowling Green and Warren County officials hope to solve that problem.

This winter crews will begin work to extend the road from Garvin Lane to the entrance of Beech Bend Park and making it three lanes, with two of those lanes for traffic going into the park.

"I definitely think the road should be widened," said Hilliard


Her family also hopes any future events will have people out directing traffic.

Officials say the construction will start this winter with crews relocating utility lines.

The road work is expected to begin in Spring 2020 and take 4-6 weeks.

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