Emergency management finds nothing after suspicious activity report at walking bridge in Bowling Green

Published: Jul. 14, 2019 at 11:18 PM CDT
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On Monday, the scene at the Walking Bridge on the Greenway Trail is not the same scene one may have witnessed Sunday night.

"There was some type of object in the water that was tied to a rope and they were unable to pull the item out of the water." -- Travis Puckett, Deputy Director, Emergency Management

On Sunday Bowling Green Police responded to suspicious activity at the walking bridge on the Greenway Trail; police then requested the assistance of Warren County Emergency Management, who then requested the assistance of other agencies including one who has a boat with a sonar.

"And the sonar produced an image, it was a significant image enough to raise a question for and give us probable cause to investigate further." -- Travis Puckett, Deputy Director, Emergency Management

Warren County Deputy Director Travis Puckett says despite many efforts, "one diver entered the water investigated the area and found nothing of significance.The only thing that the diver was able to find was a shopping cart."

There were many speculations as to what was tied at the end of the rope....

"The couch that was originally reported in the water was actually on the bank it was not even touching the water. The rope that was broke was laying on the bank."

Puckett also says the public have nothing to worry about.

"Nothing to be worried about at this time, as of right now the investigation is closed. It's a relief knowing there was nothing in the water of significance, but it allows every rescuer to go home knowing that everybody can sleep at night knowing there's not a significant object in that water that needed to be removed."

Puckett adds that the response they received from multiple agencies just goes to show how big of a team they are.