UPDATE: Bowling Green man 3D printing visors for first responders, medical personnel


After receiving feedback about this story, Adam wants others who are interested to know there's a Facebook group for those who want to help our medical community.

Adam says, "We have a Facebook group (#teamkentuckymakers) that is organizing where to distribute and how to get more raw materials. They have some funds already, and are sending them where they are needed."

Click here to join the group.

Adam Almon is taking a different approach to help our medical community and first responders with PPE limitations during the coronavirus outbreak.

After doing some research online, and already owning a 3D printer, he found a way to 3D print protective visors for those on the front line.

"I've seen a big rise in how to 3D print ways to help our medical community or first responders or people that deal with the coronavirus face to face every single day," said Almon.

Adam found free open source 3D printing designs online and said anyone who owns a 3D printer can also print them from home.

"If you have a 3D printer like I have at the house it's not that difficult to look this up and find those files. And it takes very little filament and very little effort so if you're safe at home like Andy Beshear says and you're staying at the house in quarantine and you have time to do this, it's a good way to to help without actually getting out," said Almon.

"Right now my activity is about 20 of them a day If I can bring in other makers and 3D printers in the area, we may be able to do even more than that a day."

Almon says he's already given a prototype to the Medical Center and if his prototype proves successful it may be used for those on the front line fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

If you own a 3D printer and want to help get involved in the project visit the following websites:



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