Bowling Green neighborhood fears possible zoning change on land near their homes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A neighborhood that many call home could soon become a place that feels very unfamiliar.

About two weeks ago homeowners found signs posted on the farmland next to the Stone Crest neighborhood on Russellville Road.

The signs read 'Zoning Change from AG & GB (RM-3) to HB, RM-4, LI', which means a change from agriculture and general business to highway business, multi-unit housing, and light industrial.

"I guess you could say shock when we discovered that they would try to build next door to our neighborhood," said Joe Hodges, who lives in Stone Crest. "Light industrial completely doesn't fit here -- we still consider ourselves a rural neighborhood."

As families began investigating they discovered the land next door would potentially be used to build housing and a trucking company, which they believe would completely change the atmosphere of the neighborhood for the worse.

"So if you have industry of any kind come in -- especially one that would be a relationship to a lot of noise or pollution -- it would really change, you know, our lifestyle," said Hodges.

Hodges has lived in the neighborhood for 14 years. He says not only could this zoning change hurt the atmosphere of the neighborhood, but he says he's seen this subdivision flood and fears building on the farmland would make flooding worse.

"And it wouldn't really be a desirable place to live I wouldn't think," said Hodges.

Emotions are high for other families in the neighborhood.

"You never know what is going to happen or how many buildings they are going to put up. They're probably going to bring in and stack buildings right on top of each other and apartments right on top of each other and we don't want that in our neighborhood," said Larry King, who live in Stone Crest.

Hodges and several other families plan to address their concerns about the zoning changes with the planning commission Thursday evening.

Those who live in the neighborhood say the best outcome would be for the planning commission to not change the land to light industrial and they will consider the land near the homes unfit to build on.

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