Bowling Green police investigate shooting on Clearview Avenue

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky, (WBKO) - On March 22, Bowling Green Police officers responded to a report of a shooting on Clearview Avenue.

The victim, Troy Armentrout, received a gun shot wound in his right arm and his stomach. Troy's wife, Michaela Armentrout, said she was sitting in the living room with Troy when they both heard a noise in the back yard. She said it sounded like a single knock on the back door. Troy then got up to investigate the noise. Michaela stated she stayed in the living room while he walked to the back of the house. She told police their dogs were barking very loudly and she thought it was odd.

Troy then opened the back door to let the dogs out. After he opened the door there was a loud bang and glass broke. Michaela then got up to see what the noise was and Troy told her he had been shot. Michaela
then called police to tell them her husband was shot.

When officers arrived they saw Troy lying in the living room floor bleeding from his right arm.

Troy told police he did not see anyone or anything in the back yard that could have shot him and he had no idea where he was shot from.

Doctor's told police Troy had a single gun shot wound in the arm that entered his side. They also told police it appeared that the bullet then fragmented into his liver.

Troy was taken to Nashville to receive emergency surgery.

Police are continuing to investigate.