Bowling Green woman finds out she has long-lost sister later in life

(WBKO) -- Wednesday, April 10 is National Siblings Day, perhaps a time for people to share pictures taken with their little brothers, or send a text to a sister to tell her you love her.

For one Bowling Green woman, who was adopted by her aunt and welcomed as a sibling by her cousins, she had that kind of sibling bond. But to suddenly find out earlier this year that she had another family member that was of even closer relation than all the rest -- that was a whole nother story.

"You know, it's very surreal. Very emotional; just very overwhelming," Cat Misner said.

Cat hadn't been looking for any long-lost relatives. But in February, she was contacted by her cousin, who told her a woman named Trish had found a DNA connection with her.

"All of a sudden I got this text from him with just one word -- he just said, "Cat!" with exclamation marks. And I was like, really Bruce?"

That connection was found through a genetic testing service called 23andMe.

Trish had been given up for adoption by to another family as a baby, and was now using the service to better understand family history for health reasons.

That's when she found the connection to Cat, that told her they, in fact, shared the same biological mother.

Cat remembers that first phone call well, as the sisters marveled at the similarities already noticed.

"She says, 'Well hello there,' and it's like 'Oh my gosh, you sound just like me!' and she said, 'Oh, you sound just like me too!'" she said.

Cat says they now talk nearly every day.

"We feel like we're little kids. We feel like we have this gem of each other," she explained. "And quite an adjustment to get used to. But almost every morning it's like, 'Good morning, sis', you know -- something like that. Yeah. It's fun."

In her early twenties, Cat became a cancer survivor but says she always wondered why she got to outlive it.

"There's so many other people that had so many big families and was so painful and tragic and everything," Cat mused. "I'm not going to say mine was necessarily easy, but I just wondered why. And now possibly, this is why. Because it's time for she and I to meet and to have some time in this age of sisters."

Wednesday carried something even more sweet for them then, as they wished each other a happy National Siblings Day for the first time.

"We may be only half-sisters, but we have a full bond," Cat said.

Cat says they plan to meet for the first time in Trish's current home state of Michigan, where they'll spend Memorial Day weekend together.

"Everybody you tell -- it's like wow. You just never know when something life-changing is going to happen, and this is a great life-changing thing."

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