Bowling Green's 2018 New Year's Baby

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- While many folks were ringing in the New Year at a party or in downtown Bowling Green, one local woman was counting down the moments that she wouldn't be in labor anymore.

Ky'Mani Stewart, Bowling Green's 2018 New Year's baby, born just after midnight.

"He had it all planned out, he knew when he wanted to come," said Kanisha Stewart, Ky'Mani's mother.

Stewart went into labor on New Year's Eve morning which was her due date.

"I went to church with my two friends and went into labor, like more contractions," said Stewart. "We made it up here about nine last night, and I was dilated like 5 cm. They broke the water and that sped it up."

However, this little boy wasn't quite ready to make his debut in to the world yet.

"He decided to come on New Year's. First year the ball was dropping at Hot Rod and he decided to come," said Stewart.

He waited until just after the first hour of 2018. Ky' Mani Stewart came into the world at 6 pounds 12 ounces, and 20 and a half inches long at around 1:40 a.m.

"He was wide awake with his little lip poking out, but yeah it was a real special moment," expressed Stewart.

This was Kanisha's second boy.

"He looks like his big brother," said Stewart. "He (her older son) will help out. Got another little brother to play with."

Thankful to be surrounded by her close-knit family, and knowing a little what to expect this time around.

"I've been through it once so I know what to do. I have a little more patience now than then when I was younger," explained Stewart.

With a full head of hair, the calm Ky'Mani surprised his mother.

"Now he's calm he's not active like he was in my stomach," said Stewart.

By the end of the late morning, Stewart had already forgotten what the nine months and over 12 hours of labor entailed.

"All that pain, it paid off," said Stewart.

If there's a third baby in the books for Kanisha, we'll just have to see.

"At the moment I said no, but you never know, I said ten years ago no, and we got another one"

The healthy baby boy was delivered in Bowling Green at the Med Center, and showered with gifts from the staff. As a New Year's baby, Ky' Mani will now get double the celebrations for years to come.

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