Brew Co Underground opens downtown in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Hundreds were out and about this weekend for the grand opening of a bar with a familiar name, Brew Co Underground.

Brew Co Underground is in the same location as The Brewing Company that closed down four years ago.

"I just felt like we could fill a void of what is downtown," said owner Amanda Dunn.

Brew Co Underground is a new spot in the downtown bar scene featuring a speakeasy club vibe.

"Everybody wants to go to Nashville because that's where they go dancing and it's more of a club atmosphere and there is nowhere downtown where they can come and dance and have that feel and that's what we brought to downtown," Dunn said.

They've revamped and renovated the entire building. The turnout for their grand opening was better than they imagined.

"Surpassed our expectations for sure. We had the people in at twelve o'clock, we were at capacity. We had a line of probably 65 people out the front door so everything was surpassed. All of us are super happy about everything that happened for sure," said owner, Lucas Jones.

Both owners say they want to keep the bar business downtown and have reached out to popular bars like Cliffs and Dublin's, planning to collaborate with them in the future.

"If they [customers] start here and they get our stamp because they have live music or a cover or something, it would be free for them to get in there [another bar] or vice versa. You stop there first, get their stamp, you come in here and our cover is free," Jones said.

Owning a business isn't easy, especially when the building you're renovating is from 1863.

"There is a lot of issues that you don't think about, you tear up one thing and you have to do ten more things before you are able to accomplish your goal," Jones said.

Dunn and Jones say they are up for the challenge and even plan to add a second business in the upstairs portion of the building.

"I'm just excited for seeing it grow. We have plans in the future, we have the downstairs already open, but we have the upstairs coming, you know, there are more possibilities for us to expand as well," Dunn said.

Currently, the bar is open Thursday-Saturday opening at 6:00 p.m. Dunn and Jones say they will try opening a couple of days through the week and go from there.

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