Bristow Elementary students learn about energy use

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Tuesday, students at Bristow Elementary School spent their day learning about energy use from officials with Warren RECC and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Energy Monsters is a presentation teaching students about where energy comes from, how they use energy, and how they can save energy.

The goal of the presentation is to teach students information that they can take home and share with siblings or parents.

"Children are naturally curious and want to understand their world, so for them to be able to understand how they use energy and also how their energy usage impacts their household, I think it's really, you know, both interesting for them and empowering for them to understand the control they have over their energy usage," said Grant England, Instructional Design Consultant.

Officials say it's important to teach students tips on energy conservation at a young age.

"Energy is something that we take for granted because you turn on a light and it works, but a lot goes into the creation and transportation of energy," said England.

The presentation is designed to engage with students through a kid-friendly presentation and hands-on activities.

"I always find that when I do these workshops children make connections between what they are doing at home or other places in their life where they are using energy," said England. "Here in their school, whether it's a church or different worship center, or out at stores or in public, they start to see all the different ways they are using energy in their life."

As part of the presentation, students get a bag to take home that has an activity book, card games, and stickers - all about energy use.

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