Budget changes coming to WKU; Tuition increasing by 2 percent

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- After suspending 101 academic programs at Western Kentucky University during the spring 2019 semester, the WKU Board of Regents approved a $387.7 million budget for 2019-20 on Friday, June 21st.

President Caboni said the new model is a reversal of the base model-plus, that the University had been using. He says the new model allows the school to invest where it needs to invest, and will allow individual colleges to have more control over their budgets.

13 News spoke with Media Relations Director Bob Skipper about the new budget platform.

"We want to look at better management of our resources to make sure that we are using them in the best possible way," Skipper said. "So that the students get the student centered education that they're seeking and that they deserve at WKU."

Included in the new budget comes a 2-percent increase in undergraduate tuition. Some students on campus voiced their opinion about how continued increases in tuition could affect a persons ability to pay for college.

"It's not something I think anyone likes to see, especially how high it already is for most students." said WKU Student, Taylor Billings.

Skipper added that the university will consider consolidating and modernizing programs to better suit the needs of the university.