Butler County Receives Discretionary Funds for Pavement Improvements

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BUTLER Co., Ky. (WBKO) -- At Monday's Butler County Fiscal Court meeting, K.Y.T.C. Department of Rural and Municipal Aid Commissioner Gray Tomblyn II announced that Butler County will receive, $312,086 in discretionary funds for vital resurfacing work on Caney Fork Road and Love Brooklyn Road.

The funding will go to resurfacing repairs, fill in surface cracks, potholes, raveling, and base failures.

Butler County Judge-Executive Tim Flener explained that, Caney Fork Road and Love Brooklyn Road, are among the most critical in the county.

"Well like I said most of these roads are like through roads or connected roads. It's going to help our school system as far as our buses come in and out," said Tim Flener, Butler County Judge-Executive. "Most of them are in the farming communities of our county. It also helps the equipment to be able moved through a lot easier. And for the citizens to be able to go from point "A" to point "B" real easy."

The investment supports Governor Matt Bevin's commitment to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects and increase economic opportunity across the commonwealth.

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